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Happy New Year!!

I hope that everyone had a safe and happy new year. The hubs and I always stay in on New Year's Eve. We do not like being out with drunks and crazies. Our idea of a good time, is eating some appetizers, playing some games and watching some bad movies. We herald in the new year in the way we spend most of the year. This year though he has an awful cold that seems to be getting worse. I'm glad he took a few days off of work and will be able to rest. I am finally feeling better and had a full day with no sinus pain of any kind and no swelling of the face either. I cannot wait to go back to work on Wednesday. I know that sounds odd but I'm not one to sit around and rest. I always think on the number of things that I should be doing, could be doing, need to be doing, my mind just does not allow me to rest unless it is planned and even than I have a plan for my rest. Anyways, I hope this year brings us nothing but happiness and good tidings. Here's to seeing the beauty and joy that will enfold for us in 2013.

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Hello All,

I hope that your holiday's were full of love, laughter and light. This Christmas was a real stinker for me. I started off yesterday, Christmas Eve, sicker than I've been in a long time. I was throwing up and so nausea I could not even stand up right. I had to call into work and spent the entire day and night between my bed and the bathroom. I was hoping that on Christmas Day I would be better. My stomach was good when I woke up by my face puffed up like crazy and my right eye was so puffy, blinking hurt.

Off to the ER for me! Just how I wanted to spend my holidays, waiting around in the ER to be seen. I was finally seen and unfortunately not by a McDreamy, but my nurse was pretty cute and had a wicked sense of humor. The doctor thinks I have a kind of skin infection in the face, and wanted to immediately admit me to the hospital. I protested and we agreed to try a strong bout of antibiotics and if they do not work I will go back immediately and be admitted. I'm told infections are common for those with diabetes but it can be hard to battle as well. I have everything crossed that the iv antibiotics I was given in the ER and the scrip I have will battle and win against the infection. I do not want to call into work again, especially when I just got the trainer position. I hate missing work to begin with and quite honestly if it was not for work I would have happily been admitted into the hospital but I want to be there and help with training our new hires. So please prayers and good thoughts are definitely needed!

On much happier note though my husband got me a set of real pearl necklace and earrings. I've wanted a real set for years now and he totally surprised me with a set of my own! I also think he quite enjoyed his gifts as well. I was not up to cooking though so hungry man tv dinners for us tonight. I know it sounds sad, but I got to spend the day with man I love more than anything in the world and our furry babies by our side, so all in all I still have many blessings to count. I hope that everyone's holiday found them well in health and spirit.

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Hello All,

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I know it's been too long since I've updated. I do thank each and everyone of you for still sticking by me. Things have been just over whelming and hectic. This week has been especially stressful with a group project I had to do for my current class. It did not go as well as I would have hoped for. I just hate this projects. I'd much rather just have to do the assignment myself and move on with my life. The one thing I LOVE about my current class though is my instructor. She is so awesome I love it. It helps that this is the first class I've had that is on topic of my actual degree and I'm learning tons, but she is just so involved and you can tell really is passionate about this information and class that it really does become infectious. When I have an excited professor it makes me excited for the information being taught. Now if I can just get through the next few days before the grade for this group paper is posted and I see what I got without getting an ulcer things will be golden. Thank goodness everything from now on is just an individual assignments. This is also the first class I've had with having to have quizzes at the end of each week. I did the best I've had this week with only 2 incorrect out of 15. So I'm getting better which is a good thing. Onward and upward as they say.

Work life is going well. Things are busy which is good all around. Normally this is our slow time, but we are still rocking solid and having over time still. I had my mid year finally and things were good. I've gotten a promotion and two raises and I've not worked in the mortgage department for a year yet. So I feel that I'm finally a department at work that does seem to appreciate my hard work and effort. When I worked for equity I was actually told, despite having worked there for over 8 years that I would not be able to move up for another 4 years. That was just really insane to me. I also do not dread going into work each day. I really love the team I am on and everyone I work with. Things are really looking up for me career wise. I know I'm blessed beyond belief. I know what a gift it is to be able to truly love what I do and get paid well to do it. I am so grateful for where life has taken me, and if you had told me years ago I'd end up where I am I would have peed myself laughing. Onward and upward here as well.

Personal life is going well. It will be our 7th wedding anniversary on Oct. 29th. It is a Monday so we will most likely not be doing anything on that day as neither of us are off that day. I'm not sure what we are going to do if anything. I am just seriously amazed that I have the most wonderful husband in the world and I get to wake up each and every day with him. I love him more than the day we got married and just when I honestly think I cannot love him anymore, he finds a way deeper inside my heart. I have no idea what I did to be granted God's favor to have such an amazing man by my side but I enjoy it each and every day. That does not mean that we do not argue or have our moments, but we argue over stupid things like the dishes, we never have any real arguments or differences over anything that has real meaning to it. I look forward to having many more years with the hubs. Onward and upward!

I will do my best to keep better updates. Tomorrow will be graphics night as well as updating about some other things that I do not have time for right now. Bed calls me right now! I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

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Hello All,

A good friend adorablexi has opened up a community all of their own and is looking for awesome members to make pretties for. Please joint here and let her know I sent you along!


Here are samples of her work!

Hello All,

A dear friend of mine, adorablexi is opening up her own place, where she is going to be the only maker there. Please feel free to join and get in on her awesome stuff, and let her know I sent you!